A Love Worth Searching For (Oregon Trail Dreamin' Book 3)

A Love Worth Searching For (Oregon Trail Dreamin' Book 3)
: Kathleen Ball
: Lasso Springs Publishing
: 253
: Fiction : Romance
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Oregon Trail Pioneer Lily Lewis was captured by Indians two long years ago and all hope of her rescue had faded. Suddenly she finds herself traded to two old trappers and is terrified as to what life will bring her next. 

Jed Todd has been looking for Lily since the day she was abducted along the Oregon Trail. This time he is the wagon master. Word comes that his trapper friends have found and bought Lily for him. He rides fast and fierce to get to her and is relieved to find her in one piece.

The way he felt about her before she'd been stolen wasn't a figment of his imagination. From the moment he saw her again he knew his love was real. 

Lily isn't well received by the others on the wagon train and realizes that having a relationship with Jed would only hinder him in life. He'd never be accepted in polite society. Once in Oregon she plans to leave for Washington territory to live alone.

Attempts on her life and the life of a young girl make Lily realize that she and Jed share a love worth searching for.
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A Love Worth Searching For

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