Tai Chi Demystified: What is Internal Tai Chi

Tai Chi Demystified: What is Internal Tai Chi
: H.D. Ken
: 44
: Non Fiction : General
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Tai Chi has been proven to be beneficial to our body but only if we are practising it correctly.
And to practise it correctly means that the form has to have internal contents, not just duplicating the actions.
The issue with Tai Chi is that it is hard to tell if the training is internal or external just by looking.
This book aims to explain it all so that practitioners can start off in the right direction.

Things to expect from this book:
What is Tai Chi (not just from the martial arts perspective)
What is Internal Tai Chi
Internal Tai Chi and Qigong
What to train in Tai Chi
The Things to achieve in Tai Chi
Can Small defeats big
Can the Weak defeats the strong
Tai Chi and better health
Tai Chi as a martial arts
How to apply Tai Chi in other martial arts

The contents are written in a simple format so that beginners can understand the requirements properly.
No more wasting of your time on practising the wrong thing or trying to figure out what the philosophical master is saying.
The secret is revealed so download this book now!

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