STEADFAST Book Four: America's Last Days (The Steadfast Series 4)

STEADFAST Book Four: America's Last Days (The Steadfast Series 4)
: D.I. Telbat
: In Season Publications
: 114
: Fiction : Drama
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In America's Last Days, only the steadfast will prevail!

The Steadfast Series continues in STEADFAST BOOK FOUR by D.I. TELBAT as a new enemy makes its presence known in the Sharrock Mountains. Eric Radner discovers a camp of desperate survivors deep in the Wyoming wilderness. But something worse than the Meridia Virus has ravaged their numbers and their souls. In the midst of unforgiving weather, God's people must learn to forgive one another.

Though Eric pledges resources from River Camp to save the troubled people from a wintry death, only the truth about Jesus Christ can give them any peace and hope for a better future.

The Liberation Organization is still hunting for Eric and the rebels, but a more brutal enemy emerges to test Eric's stamina during America's Last Days.

This post-apocalyptic novella series follows a Christian survivalist and woodsman through the heartache and heroism of living in America's collapse, following a pandemic scenario. Christian persecution abounds, and fear cripples, but one man rises above the uncertain past and looks to a certain future in the hands of a mighty God.

In the midst of America's Last Days, Eric Radner is . . . STEADFAST!

Included: Note from the Author, FREE map downloads, character sketch, glossary, and a Bonus Chapter. Cover design by Quest Publications. Steadfast Book Five will follow next in this series. Find other characters featured in Steadfast Shorts at

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