Steamy Shorts 5: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short stories

Steamy Shorts 5: A collection of Steampunk and Science Fiction Erotica short stories
: Jean Ecrivain
: 234
: Fiction : General
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Welcome to the world of Jean Ecrivain's erotica short stories. Covering the range of erotica sub-genres and usually set in a world of Steampunk, Science Fiction, or Fantasy in a collection of short tales on frequently taboo subjects. The stories are hot, adult erotica and often include BDSM, menage, and alternative sexual themes. Most of the stories involve strong women who take control of their own sexuality. The stories are usually about 5,000 words long (20 pages) and include a romance story as well as the hot sex and steampunk, SF, or fantasy setting.

In this collection of five erotic short stories for women (and their men) are:

1. The Engine Room

Jeanne was really looking forward to a morning sleeping in. The insectoid creatures from another world had another idea. Now she's aboard their ship, heading who knows where. Good thing Richard is there to keep her company.

(MF, tentacle sex, anal sex, SF erotica)

2. Steamy Knickers

It's just another regular day at Messrs. Hardshaft, Taws, & Cie.. Lord Whyp is punishing Lucy. Josey Bunnybut and Elsie are fooling around on the lift. And Mr. Taws and Lilly have a bet. With a day under the strap at risk, who is going to win? Who is going to lose? How will anyone tell the difference? And what was in that box? Read Steamy Knickers to find out.

(FM, FF, D/S, BDSM, spanking, steampunk erotica)

3. Not Your Typical Earworm

Space can be such a lonely place. And poor Chuckie has been trapped on Space Warehouse 53 for such a long time. With nothing to do but fix the failing shield generators, and talk to herself, she's getting very bored. That is until a meteoroid penetrates the hull. And then things get very interesting. What is this strange rock? How badly is the hull penetrated? Will Chuckie be penetrated too? Read Not Your Typical Earworm to find out.

( Masturbation, tentacle sex, anal sex, science fiction erotica )

4. The Sex Coder

Megan is bored. SexAr Inc. is releasing one more D&D themed sex romp and she's stuck writing it. It's boring after boring after even more boring. That is until the company buys the latest in special coder's chairs. It's got a very special function and Megan's work life is about to get very exciting.

(MF, MMF, BDSM, science fiction erotica )

5. The Barn

Lady Margaret has decided it is time for the family name to carry on. So she is off on an adventure to the breeding barn. All those nice submissive males. And a few women to make things even more interesting. Steamy fun with lots of studs.

( MF, BDSM, steampunk erotica )

WARNING: This book contains adult themes and situations including graphic language, bondage, BDSM , sex slaves, BDSMxxx, domination, submission, XXX situations, lesbianism, threesomes, and rough sex. Intended for the entertainment of adults over the age of 21 only.

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