Keena the Brave (Banshee in Training Book 1)

Keena the Brave (Banshee in Training Book 1)
: Ella May Woodman
: 90
: Kids : 9-12
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Keena has a voice to die for. Not literally, but she's a banshee-in-training, so she knows about life being short.
She has a chance to make her dream come true, but the obstacles in her path loom large...
Bullying by a fellow supernatural. Lack of confidence. Crippling stage fright. And the Banshee Council - how do they know the details of Keena's life?
In this story, you'll meet three generations of a modern-day banshee family. Banshees have often been misunderstood as evil, shrieking hags, but here we see them living everyday lives - just like us!
If you or a middle grade reader you know is into myths, legends, and the supernatural, this might be the series you have been waiting for! And just in time for some under-the-covers-with-a-flashlight Halloween reading!

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