I'm Not Him: The Mistaken Identity Alien Kidnapping Romance

I'm Not Him: The Mistaken Identity Alien Kidnapping Romance
: Kyle Robertson
: PIMI eBooks
: 127
: Fiction : SciFi
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Author Interview

1)What is this book about?

This is an edutainment fiction sci-fi story about an alien abduction. The story has a subtext about bullying in the workplace. This story details the feelings of the victim, and how to deal with it.

2)What happens in the story?

A payroll accountant gets berated by his co-workers so badly, he goes home, and decides to take his own life because they made him feel worthless. As he was brushing his teeth, he was abducted to a different verse because they thought he was their respected advocate. Now he has to stop an unstoppable force so they won’t kill him because they made a mistake.

3)Where’s the romance?

Since he has no idea how to fight, a female warrior has to train him. He has to overcome his tepidness to become the advocate they think he is. They get closer through the deadly training.
4)What was the motivation for this story?
I’ve witnessed many employees get bullied when I managed a computer store. There was one person, let’s call him Dave, was bullied because he looked different. They called him a loser and a nerd. They never got to know how brilliant he is. Yes, he had the geek motif, but he worked at a computer store. It was is element. I was the manager, so I got to know Dave. He became my number one. The store became number one in the district because of his ingenuity.

5)Why did you do a fiction book about a serious subject?

This science fiction epic uses fantastical elements to explain the true humanity of real life. This main story is littered with poignant sub-plots about being bullied in the workplace. You can buy a text book about bullying anywhere. When you become entertained, you remember the lessons.

Please enjoy this thrilling story about a timid smart gentleman who becomes taken to defeat an impossible destroyer to learn more about himself in I’m Not Him: A Mistaken Identity Alien Abduction Romance.

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