The Elf and the Amulet (Deathsworn Book 1)

The Elf and the Amulet (Deathsworn Book 1)
: Chris Africa
: 306
: Fiction : General
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Many things which seem useless are magical to those who know how to use them...

Waet Tree Village has family roots and heritage as ancient as the silver trees themselves. Chassy, Nita and Andrev are expected remain here, living out traditional lives until they eventually die from lack of excitement.


One summer day, their idyllic lives start to unravel, when a freaky creature straight out of a legend arrives spouting prophecies about the destruction of their village. Then an old wizard sends them on a quest with a bunch of useless gifts, but he DIES before even telling them where to go.

Retrieve the Amulet of Hope or all is lost! That's all they know; that's all anyone can tell them.

So they set off in pursuit of this mysterious amulet, each for his or her own reason. They learn that the world outside of Waet Tree Village is nothing like the storybooks they grew up with, and the Amulet of Hope is only the beginning of their adventures.

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