Reframe Your Viewpoints: Harness Stress & Anxiety—Transform It Into Peace & Confidence

Reframe Your Viewpoints: Harness Stress & Anxiety—Transform It Into Peace & Confidence
: Virginia Ritterbusch
: 240
: Non Fiction : Health
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DO YOU EVER FIND yourself ruminating about frustrations while driving and you can’t seem to determine what action or decision to make as to how to handle a situation?

DO YOU EVER FIND you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night because you are unable to let go of your mental chatter?

DO YOU EVER FIND you have doubts that interfere with your ability to move toward your goals? Feel overwhelmed? Or think is your life spinning in stress?

DOES your confusion lead to depression?

  • REFRAMING YOUR VIEWPONTS will provide 8 strategies to use as building blocks to the reframing technique—the key tool to helping you gain control over run-away worries that affect your personal health. This book will teach the power of linguistics in establishing new and lasting neural pathways that lead to clear decision-making.
  • The reframing technique will transform doubts into positive energy
  • Clear away mental chatter to produce clarity through mindfulness
  • Present philosophies that re-enforce your understanding of yourself
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Restore balance, improve sleep, and bring calm into your daily life.

REFRAMING YOUR VIEWPOINTS is based on a proven and professionally accepted technique that immediately turns a problem into an OPPORTUNITY.


  • How alternate thoughts reconstruct your perception of a stressful situation within moments of awareness
  • How concepts, skills, and strategies build the habit of REFRAMING
  • How attending to your tensions contributes to your health management
  • How to empower forward movement by the management of stress

LEARNING THE REFRAMING TECHNIQUE is quick and can produce results today. Employing the REFRAMING technique, while simultaneously establishing the 8 other strategies, will transform your life forever.

WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from turning your stress and anxiety into confidence and peace?

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