Fatal Vacancy (An Oceanside Mystery Book 4)

Fatal Vacancy (An Oceanside Mystery Book 4)
: CeeCee James
: 220
: Fiction : Mystery
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Maisie Swenson was thrilled to host the premiere party for the hottest new movie release in Hollywood at the five-star Oceanside Hotel, but she had no idea how difficult Hollywood types could be. Dramatic and demanding, she could handle but... murder? She needs to charge more for these events.

Everyone assumed it was an accident when the stunt went wrong, until they saw the body wasn't the stuntman. Now everyone is a suspect - the stuntman who despised the victim, ex-lovers, actors--the list goes on and on.

None of this is Maisie's business until her friend Kristi Bentley, the police officer in charge of security that night, gets suspended for not providing adequate protection. As the circumstantial evidence grows against Kristi, Maisie can't help getting involved to clear her best friend.

The more she digs, the more dirt she finds. Did anyone NOT want this person dead?

"I read the four books of the series back to back and didn't want it to end."
"I love the quirky characters in this delightful series."
"A very delightful book & series that captured me from beginning to end! There's murder, humor, suspense, & a little romance, all my favorites!"--Amazon reviewers

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