An Uncivilized Romance (Family of Love Series) (A Western Romance Story)

An Uncivilized Romance (Family of Love Series) (A Western Romance Story)
: Elliee Atkinson
: Green House Publishing Co.
: 258
: Fiction : Romance
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Page Count: Approx more than 250 pages.

A child at last…an insane husband…and…romance?

Just when Sarah Engels thinks things can’t get any worse when her abusive husband threatens to take her life on almost a daily basis—she finds out that she’s pregnant with his child. A child he obviously doesn’t want and will stop at nothing to rid himself of…including the unthinkable.

Mike Collins has failed once to protect a wife, and it cost him the life he’d always dreamed of having. Without a wife or the children he’s always wanted, he becomes a hermit deep in the woods and lives every day with only his dog for company.

When he stumbles upon a nearly dead beauty, he knows that his time for redemption has finally come, but he has no idea just how much he’s in for when it comes to rescuing her…and her unborn child. He must keep her safe at all costs, knowing that her insane, murderous husband could be lurking around any corner.

Now that her injuries have become infected, is there any hope of saving Sarah or her unborn baby?

Or is he doomed to relive the past by losing the woman he’s begun to cherish?

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