Portion Disaster (Sweetland Witch) (A Cozy Mystery Book)

Portion Disaster (Sweetland Witch) (A Cozy Mystery Book)
: Zoe Arden
: ReedFoster Press House
: 329
: Fiction : Mystery
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Murders are never far from cupcakes in Sweetland Cove...
Page Count: around 330 pages
Ava Fortune is celebrating her twenty-second birthday with just a few witches, a few sweets...

And a murder.

When all eyes in Sweetland turn to Polly Peacock as their prime suspect, Ava will have to decide who to believe.

Polly's dangerous.
She's a criminal.
She should be back behind bars.

That's what most of Sweetland says but is it true?
There's more happening in Sweetland than simple murder.
Everyone has a secret, and no one wants to share.

And Polly's not going back to prison.
Ava can't trust her but then she can't trust anyone.
When Ava finds herself among the suspects, she turns to her boyfriend Colt Hudson for help.
Soon Colt's life is in danger, too.
Can Ava figure out who the real villain is before it's too late, or was the town of Sweetland Cove right all along?
If Polly's not the killer, then who else could it be?
Page Count: around 330 pages

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