Once I Was A Soldier (Lies And Consequences Book 2)

Once I Was A Soldier (Lies And Consequences Book 2)
: Daniel Kemp
: Creativia
: 376
: Fiction : Mystery
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Francesca Clark-Bartlett, wife of the American Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, seeks more power than she already has. Meanwhile, the attractive yet naive Melissa Iverson wishes she had never inherited her family's vast fortune.

After they both become entangled with a 44-year-old, womanizing British intelligence agent, the two women find themselves in a web of deception and mystery. Threatening letters, dark family secrets and connections to persons of power all tell them that the path they tread is wrought with danger.

Daniel Kemp's Once I Was A Soldier is a thriller brimming with international intrigue, and a story of poignant self-reflection.

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