The Husband Tour

The Husband Tour
: Sasha Robinson
: 279
: Non Fiction : General
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Avier Anderson is trying to raise her children, and save her marriage all while dealing with the loss of her father, gospel legend Reginald Berkley. On his death bed, he gives Avier a specific task to complete that is about to change her life forever. Inside her dad's favorite suitcase she finds a journal that gives details of a love affair and her long lost sister. His instruction is to locate her for the reading of his last will and testament.

Eager to fulfill her dad's final wishes she seeks out Jazita "Jazzy" Monroe. Jazita is a former reality star who is about to take the music scene by storm as a prominent manager. Avier finally locates her and informs her that they are sisters. Jazita crushed by the news confronts her mother and upon arrival finds out more than she bargained for.

At the will reading Jazita discovers that she has been left with a new home and 7 million dollars! The only catch is that she only gets access to 1 million until marriage.
Urgent to receive all of her fortune, Jazita decides to take a 4 city tour with her best friend and assistant Carmen, and she also brings along Avier and her childhood friend Tammy.The goal of this trip is to find herself a husband! Will she find what she's looking for?
Check your bags, and remember to stay seated while the seatbelt sign is on. Welcome to the Husband Tour!

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