Spirit's Bane (Guardian Angel Files Book 1)

Spirit's Bane (Guardian Angel Files Book 1)
: Julie C. Gilbert
: 236
: Fiction : SciFi
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The Kindred Spirit Bond makes them powerful …

Lucifer has noticed.

As with all young angels on the Guardian path, Allister and Mina undertake a wide variety of missions to discover their Gifts.

Meanwhile, Satan and his top lieutenants have a new secret weapon to test, so they set a trap for the pair.

Now, the Guardian Angel candidates need protection. If Spirit’s Bane successfully destroys the angels of light, the last line of defense between humans and demons will disappear.

Guardian Angel Files: Spirit’s Bane
Interview with the Author:
Q: What makes Spirit’s Bane special?
A: It’s a fantasy-filled sneak peek into one of the oldest good vs. evil battles out there.

Q: Is there a sequel?
A: Not yet. Soon.

Q: What theme(s) make it special?
A: Friendship. Destiny. Self-sacrifice.

Q: What do you want the reader to know?
A: I am in no way claiming special knowledge of who angels are, what they do, or how they operate. This is a work of fantasy, but it also contains some deep philosophical thoughts about life, death, and everything in between. Life’s a journey. Enjoy it.

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