Deadly Deception

Deadly Deception
: Tami Kidd
: 225
: Fiction : Mystery
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Author Mara Byrne faces danger and intrigue once again…

While on a flight from California, an emergency landing interrupts Mara’s vacation plans to visit family in Arkansas. A Federal agent escorts her off the plane which is followed by an unexpected detour to Florida. When she meets the person behind the abduction, Mara learns she may hold the key to finding a cure for several terminal diseases. Others believe she does and will stop at nothing to kill her.

Investigator Alex Strange learns of Mara’s abduction and starts his own search to find her. He faces many twists and turns that eventually lead him to Mara’s side, but can he save her?

When events turn personal, Mara discovers she’s been the victim of an elaborate deception. Life as she knows it will never be the same.

Can she survive? Will she find a cure for the diseases that plague the world? Come along for the ride to find out.

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