Mason Wilson And The Dead Bird Debacle

Mason Wilson And The Dead Bird Debacle
: M.P. Jones
: Hayden Press
: 272
: Kids : 9-12
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Is Mason Wilson just another wimpy kid? Wimps don't embark on an unauthorized night-time trip to a strange, old factory; he'll do anything to stop his penniless family being thrown out of their home. There's a mystery to solve to win the grand prize - if you hardly ever find dead birds lying around, why are whole flocks of them starting to fall from the sky all over the place? Does the Bible really say that it’s a sign of the end of the world? Mason uncovers some gross goings-on and plans that will change the world for ever. Should he do the right thing and try and stop them? He’ll lose an opportunity of a lifetime if he does; still, when his parents find out he's gone missing, that will be the least of his worries! A quirky, yet strangely educational, adventure-mystery that the whole family can enjoy.

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