A Guide to Recruiting Your Next CEO: The Executive Search Handbook for Nonprofit Boards

A Guide to Recruiting Your Next CEO: The Executive Search Handbook for Nonprofit Boards
: Dennis C. Miller
: Emerald Lake Books
: 58
: Non Fiction : General
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Recent studies estimate that more than 75% of current nonprofit executives plan to leave their positions in the next five to ten years. What will you do when you need to recruit a new executive for your nonprofit’s leadership team?

Hiring and onboarding a CEO is one of the most important (and challenging) actions a board will ever undertake. Choosing a poor match will require you to repeat the search within a year, at best. At worst, it can have devastating consequences for your organization’s mission.

Recruit your next CEO knowing that you have identified an individual whose core leadership competencies and values align with your strategic vision and mission.

Dennis C. Miller is a nationally recognized strategic leadership coach and executive search consultant with more than thirty-five years of experience working with nonprofit board leadership and chief executives.

In A Guide to Recruiting Your Next CEO, Dennis provides a handbook that can be used by any nonprofit board to guide their executive search efforts and feel confident that the outcome will be a positive one for their organization.

In it, you'll learn:

  • What the search process entails
  • How to develop a position profile for your ideal CEO
  • How knowing your strategic vision will help choose the right candidate
  • Which key leadership competencies and values will help your organization thrive
  • Who should be on your search committee
  • How to go about identifying and screening candidates
  • What the interview process consists of
  • Why checking references is critical
  • How to negotiate a compensation package that works for everyone
  • How to ensure your new CEO stands the best chance for success possible

If this guidance sounds like something your nonprofit organization could use right now, you'll want to buy this book!

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"As you know, hiring and onboarding a CEO is one of the most important actions a board will ever undertake. So often, even experienced boards struggle to find the right person and are challenged by the process. I think this book will provide a solid set of guardrails for any nonprofit board in their next search for a CEO." 

David A. Williams, President & CEO, Make-A-Wish America

"Dennis' new book is a very useful outline for nonprofit boards of directors of the need for the board to rethink about the whole executive recruitment process, especially since most  board members only go through this once or twice.  The risks of getting it wrong are too high."

Jim Purcell, Chief Executive Officer Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies

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