An Earl’s Agreement (Hearts and Ever Afters)

An Earl’s Agreement (Hearts and Ever Afters)
: Joyce Alec
: 330
: Fiction : Romance
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An arranged marriage turns dangerous when he will stop at nothing to make her his bride! Will her hero prevail?

Lady Lucy Donoghue is being forced into a marriage with Lord Hutton against her will. Lord Caldwell comes to the rescue and forms a plan to fake an engagement to Lucy to save her from her terrible predicament.

Even though the engagement is a rouse, Lucy soon develops true feelings for Lord Caldwell as she learns more about him. However, she believes that he does not feel the same way about her, so she refuses to open her heart to the possibility of finding true love.

When Lord Hutton believes that Lucy is marrying someone else, he takes matters into his own hands because he thinks Lucy belongs to him. Lord Hutton’s forbidding pursuit puts lives in danger and threatens Lucy’s only chance at happiness.

If you love clean, Regency-era romances filled with suspense and intrigue, you will love An Earl’s Agreement.

Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance, so no cliffhangers. This is a 115-page romance with bonus books included.

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