Alex Vega and the Oracle of the Mayans (Alex Vega Series Book 1)

Alex Vega and the Oracle of the Mayans (Alex Vega Series Book 1)
: D.J. Burchell, M.A. Burchell
: South Bay Publishing LLC
: 374
: Kids : General
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For fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, and Michael Vey comes an award-winning story of friendship, courage, and a battle for humanity.
“…an exceptional foundation of characters and world building..."- Kirkus Review
Alex Vega comes face-to-face with the Oracle of the Mayans and is forced to make a devastating choice – join in with an evil villain – or defy him and risk losing everything!

In this first installment of the Alex Vega Series, Alex and his family are cast into adventure of epic proportions when their home is destroyed in the middle of the night and they escape to an underground society of guardians who have mastered the amazing energy of the "Zero Point Field" - an energy that can destroy mountains, create pyramids, or protect the earth from a foretold alien attack that could come at any time.

While his parents embark on a dangerous mission to find a mysterious enemy, Alex attends the Earth Defense Operations School and is trained on how to use this new-found power.

When Alex finds out that his parents have vanished, against all the rules, he and his friends plan a daring rescue that starts with the Oracle of the Mayans and ends on the ice sheets of Antarctica.

But can he save them in time and survive the onslaught of this ruthless new enemy?

Book One in the Alex Vega Series is available now – get it today and you’ll find out it's one of the best breakout novels for teens as well as adults.

Book Two is scheduled to arrive on Amazon in October 2018.

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Winner of the prestigious Mom's Choice Gold Medal,The CCQB Gold Medal, and a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards.

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