Breakfast Time: Healthy Breakfast Recipes (Tried & Tested Book 1)

Breakfast Time: Healthy Breakfast Recipes (Tried & Tested Book 1)
: Tried Tested
: 32
: Non Fiction : General
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Cooking and baking have always been the indivisible part of any women's life. I will help you to make each cooking a feast for you and your family.
The aim of this book is to give breakfast recipe ideas which are prepared easily and quickly and above all they are healthy. In this book, I will share with you many secrets how to make fast and tasty breakfast without spending much time in the kitchen.
One of the main importance of this breakfast recipes is that they are prepared mainly from healthy food such as broccoli, pumpkin, blueberry, banana and other vegetables and fruits. They are an excellent way to start our day alive.
Here you will find many breakfast recipes of crepes, bread, pancakes as well as a lot of healthy muffins.
You need to wake up only twenty minutes earlier to serve beautiful cupcakes in bed to your lovely person.
Put an end to weight losing problem with such kind of breakfast recipes.
This cookbook is only the beginning. Very soon I will make your day easier as I will give you many recipes for lunch, main-dish, salads, side-dish, snacks and so on.
Always remember you can love eating much and at the same time be healthy.

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