Lady Likes the Lord (The Abbey Brothers) (A Regency Romance Book)

Lady Likes the Lord (The Abbey Brothers) (A Regency Romance Book)
: Eleanor Meyers
: ShermanBrooks Publishers
: 356
: Fiction : Romance
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Lady Maria Kay is getting married... she simply hasn't picked her husband yet. 
Page Count: around 330 pages

After years of keeping every one of the ton's endless list of social laws, this will be the first choice Maria has been allowed to make for herself.
But... as the Kay Sister the ton adores, a certain man has been all but picked for her by family, circumstance, and fate.

Lord Edmund Abbey. 
It seems everything is telling her to marry Edmund, so in a fit of rebellion, she's ready to allow another man to compromise her in order to ensure she can make her own choice.
Yet while Maria sets plans into action, so does Edmund, and he'll stop at nothing to make Maria his wife.

But while their story of romance plays out in the day, Maria's secrets spill in the night.
And soon she and Edmund find themselves caught in a web of murder and a diabolical plot that could mean the end of England as they know it. 
Will Maria's secrets prove more fatal than her sisters' mistakes?
Will London survive?

Page Count: around 330 pages

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