The Arks of Andromeda (The Imperium Chronicles Book 1)

The Arks of Andromeda (The Imperium Chronicles Book 1)
: W. H. Mitchell
: 300
: Fiction : SciFi
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"A quirky jaunt I would take again."

"The author’s lively dialogue and sense of humor are the book’s main strengths."

"The plot is complex, the characters are fascinating, the writing superb."

The Imperium is in turmoil!

Seven centuries after the sleeper ships brought us to Andromeda, our human empire is plagued by war, intrigue, and a mysterious secret that may tear it apart!

Black sheep of the Imperial family, Prince Alexander finds himself thrust into a conspiracy to overthrow his father. Torn between a family that doesn’t trust him and a usurper from a family that wants him dead, the Prince must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Professor Jessica Doric, fired from her university job, gets hired by playboy Lord Devlin Maycare to search for rare xeno artifacts before the mega corporation Warlock Industries gets its unscrupulous hands on them.

Randall Davidson has dedicated his life, as member of the Robot Freedom League, to freeing robots from de facto slavery in the Imperium. But, once he succeeds, he finds the oppressed have become the oppressors.

W. H. Mitchell introduces us to the stories intertwined in the fabric of the Imperium, from the richest nobles of the Five Families to the lowest dredges of the Underclass. Their adventures will take us to every crevice of Imperial society and beyond.

In a galaxy where the strong rule the weak, it’s good to be strong!

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