Love Lessons: Celebrate Fall with Six Inspirational Back-to-School Romances (Rejoice Romance)

Love Lessons: Celebrate Fall with Six Inspirational Back-to-School Romances (Rejoice Romance)
: Kristen Ethridge, Jessica Keller, Cate Nolan, Tina Radcliffe, Merrillee Whren, Cheryl Wyatt
: Rejoice Romance, a division of Laurel Lock Publishing
: 398
: Fiction : Romance
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Back to School time means back to the books—in this case, six fall-themed inspirational romance novellas with a teacher twist! Join six best-selling inspirational romance authors for stories that will fill your season with faith and love.

Their Forever Homecoming by Kristen Ethridge:
Meg McMahon walked out of Dan Clark’s life ten years ago with a secret, and Port Provident’s head football coach knows he doesn’t deserve to ask his ex-wife’s forgiveness. He bought the lies of the world and put his potential in the NFL above their young marriage. But when Meg returns to town, he knows he’s a changed man and wants to make things right between them.

When one chance meeting in the school hallway changes everything, will they stay focused on the past or turn toward the future and a forever homecoming for the family they’d tried to create so long ago?

No Substitute for You by Jessica Keller:
Jaime Abbot longs for a place to belong, but she won’t find that with Hunter McCoy—the man who left her brokenhearted years ago. When Hunter returns to King’s Cove with his daughter, Jaime heart goes out to the struggling child. Determined to heal the little girl’s heart, Jaime agrees to watch her on the days Hunter has to substitute teach.

Jaime begins to hope she’s finally found the place where she belongs, but what if she’s only a temporary substitute for the mom and wife they lost?

Love by the Letter by Cate Nolan:
Emma Prescott always knew she wanted to be a teacher. Reading was a dirty word to Brady Howell. A diagnosis of dyslexia gave a name to his learning disability, but it didn’t help the letters make sense. Only Emma did that, and the best friends were inseparable until Brady chose the cheerleader who made him feel good about himself, abandoning the girl who was a reminder of his disability.

Now a single father, Brady is back and needs Emma’s help. Emma is certain she can help his daughter learn to read, but does she dare risk her heart again for the only man who has the power to break it?

Back in the Cowboy's Arms by Tina Radcliffe:
Elle Reynolds is thrilled to be teaching in Paradise, Colorado, but is less than thrilled to discover the uncle and guardian of her favorite student is none other than Mitch Logan, the rodeo cowboy she left at the altar twelve years ago. When his niece is injured, Elle steps in to assist. Though Mitch is wary of Elle, he needs her to ensure his adoption paperwork is approved. Elle can see that Mitch has changed; the wild cowboy has become the perfect daddy.

When Mitch finds himself falling for the woman who broke his heart, things get complicated. Can Elle and Mitch learn from the past and find their way to the perfect family?

Love So Strong by Merrillee Whren:
When elementary school teacher Sedona Welch sets a goal to lose fifteen pounds, she doesn’t expect to barter her tutoring services in exchange for personal training, especially with a handsome personal trainer. Cody Dunn has all he can deal with taking care of his eight-year-old nephew, Mason. Cody finds an ally in Sedona as she helps him negotiate the guardianship of this troubled boy. But he doesn’t anticipate the attraction to his nephew’s cute little tutor.

Can well-meaning friends help this reluctant couple find a love so strong?

His Not-So-High-School Sweetheart by Cheryl Wyatt:
Two former teen sweethearts turned strangers find themselves back in the halls of their hometown high school, now as well-rounded teachers. As they face the challenges of working together, they discover that being civil and forgiving may be the easiest aspect of their unexpected new journey. Especially when the fate that tore them apart seems determined to put them back together- for good this time. These educators learn that reliance on Him has a way of turning two life-altering decisions into the second chance blessing of a first-rate future.

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