Amish Romance: Daisy's Decision: Inspirational Clean Romance (Amish Bouquet Bakery Book 3)

Amish Romance: Daisy's Decision: Inspirational Clean Romance (Amish Bouquet Bakery Book 3)
: Emma Cartwright
: 83
: Fiction : Romance
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The second youngest Springer sister wants to rejoice over the love two her sisters have found with good Amish men, but part of her continues to question God's plans for her. Since her parents passed away two years before, she’s hasn’t had the same confidence and has been overlooked by the young men in her community. All her life she's been a devout follower of the faith, but she has yet to find a love of her own. Perhaps that's not in God's plan.

As she walks home from a Singing one night, despondent over her situation, a speeding car startles her, and she stumbles into a ditch, breaking her wrist. The driver, Nathan Dawson, jumps out, brings her to the hospital and never stops apologizing, but Daisy insists on taking the blame. Her envy over her sisters' happiness caused this, nothing else.

Nathan drives down the long dark road feeling hopeless and alone. He lost his father months before and has struggled to support his mother and brother. Now he’s lost his job too, and as he drives, his mind wanders and he doesn’t see the lonely girl walking down the road and nearly runs her over. Although he takes care of her, it doesn’t seem like enough.

Through a twist of events, Nathan ends up helping out in the bakery, mostly out of guilt for his irresponsible driving. He does all he can for the Springer sisters, hoping to ease his conscience, but it's never enough. He cleans and repairs not only the bakery, but their home as well, promising to do all that he can until Daisy recovers.

Through it all, he draws closer to Daisy and her kind, gentle ways. He seeks her out for comfort and peace, never dreaming that the whole time God was working out a plan for their lives to heal one another of the pain they've been facing. They don't belong together and never can. They are from two different worlds, and neither one is willing to cross the divide.

When Nathan has to deal with yet another crisis in his life, the little bit of faith that, with Daisy's help he'd been trying to nurture, is threatened. Almost everything he's held onto in his life has been stripped away and any hope of joy seems to be fading. Only divine intervention can save him now.

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