The Archangel Wars Series (Books 1 - 4)

The Archangel Wars Series (Books 1 - 4)
: Jonathan Yanez
: 908
: Fiction : General
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Can a nobody become a hero?

They’re not your typical angels.

He’s not your typical hero...

Bullied, alone, and broken, Alan was ready to give up on life. Turns out, they had another plan for him.

A battle wages in the supernatural realm. Alan is soon recruited to join the angels. But he’ll discover there’s more to his new powers than even the Archangels expected.

Caught up in a world of ancient gods, death angels, demons, the four horsemen, and the three-headed dog, Cerberus, Alan must choose a side. Because whether he’s ready or not, he’s the center of everything.

Get lost in a new kind of supernatural adventure today where Archangels, Greek mythology, and legends meet apolcalyptic monsters. And where an unexpected champion overcomes personal obstacles and seeks forgiveness.

If you enjoy Linsey Hall, Judith Berens, Michelle Madow, Orlando Sanchez, or Shayne Silvers, you’ll get a kick out of The Archangel Wars. Buy or download on Kindle Unlimited now.

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