Summer Swim: A Lesbian Romance

Summer Swim: A Lesbian Romance
: Mia Archer
: 239
: Fiction : Romance
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Two girls from wildly different worlds. One unforgettable summer. One crazy chance at love!

All Stephanie wanted was to spend a summer at Olympia’s exclusive swim club. Sure it was expensive, sure she was surrounded by rich kids, but it’d totally be worth it. Getting better was her whole focus.

Until she met Riley.

They should’ve been rivals. Riley was the best in the state. But there was something about her that captivated Stephanie. Something that had her falling for her even though a silly crush was the last sort of distraction she needed when she was supposed to focus on her swimming!

Stephanie tells herself it could never work. They're from different worlds. Riley probably isn't even into girls. But if she isn't into girls why does she keep giving Steph all these signals? Why can't Steph stop thinking about her?

What if there really is a chance?

What was supposed to be a summer of busting her butt in the pool is about to get a whole lot more complicated than Stephanie ever could’ve imagined!

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