Slow Cooker for Two: 25 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for 2

Slow Cooker for Two: 25 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for 2
: Shon Brooks
: 39
: Non Fiction : Cooking
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A slow cooker is a recently popular form of cooking, even though it has been around centuries.

It involves a method, using a counter top appliance, of slowly simmering a meal that does not involve a lot of attention. If one looks at slow cooker recipes, they will see that a lot of them consist of letting the meal simmer for 8 hours or more.

Especially when cooking for a family of two, it is an amazing resource for creating easy and hassle free meals, all while creating something that is still enjoyable. Slow cookers are amazingly adaptable. They are wonderful for having a hot meal to come home to after work.

Even on a day at home, I find it's so good to put something in the slow cooker early, leaving the rest of the day free in the sure knowledge that dinner is organized. A dinner can be started hours in advance so that by mealtime, all you need to do is serve.

Here are some advantages of cooking with a slow cooker:
•Slow cooker food is more delicious and nutritious.
•The slow cooker is easy to clean.
•A slow cooker uses less energy than an electric oven.
•Slow cooker cooking needs very less oil, less oil means fewer calories.

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