Speak Connect Succeed: Build Your Reputation As You Speak

Speak Connect Succeed: Build Your Reputation As You Speak
: Aletta Rochat
: 97
: Non Fiction : General
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Is your speaking letting you down?

I am confident that you, like me, have sometimes spoken words in anger, without thinking. Almost as soon as the words leave your mouth, you’re already regretting saying them. Then follows the awkward apology, the ‘trying to set things right’ conversation. How often have you spoken in a work-related context and felt you haven’t quite done justice to yourself, your team, or your personal brand? Perhaps your comments were unstructured, too wordy or not convincing. Maybe you rambled on and on while you were interviewing for a position? Perhaps your speaking, (including public speaking) is slowing down your career development. Even if you have good communication skills, you can develop your speaking so that it contributes towards your personal development and your public relations.

Your speaking has the potential to build your reputation

, to enhance your brand, and to increase your presence and influence. How you speak is key to your capacity for self promotion, whether you are leading a multilevel marketing team or are part of strategic management. This book shows you how to connect with others in ways that are meaningful to them. In the process, you have a greater potential for success.

You need to stand out from the crowd. You want to be the one that is noticed (for the right reasons!), remembered, and hired. This is true for you as an individual, as well as your company. Whether you are a professional speaker, an entrepreneur promoting your business, or are part of an executive team, you will benefit from these practical tips and techniques. Once you master these skills, people will respond more positively to you, your message, and your call to action. You’ll enhance your ability to connect and engage with others. You will become the person others want to associate with, learn from, and hire. In short, you will soon be speaking your way into opportunity! These skills will assist you while you are interviewing, communicating and building your public relations profile. These skills will make your teams more effective - that is key to succeeding in business and key to making money.

What this book will give you

Proven ways to connect
A process to get your message across
How to Persuade and Inspire
How to speak in Times of Conflict

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