The Queen's Daughters (Kate Bushnell Series Book 2)

The Queen's Daughters (Kate Bushnell Series Book 2)
: Lorry Lutz
: Heritage Beacon Fiction
: 312
: Fiction : General
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Inspired by a dream, Dr. Kate Bushnell writes to Josephine Butler, famous crusader who frees women from sex slavery in Victorian England. Kate tells Mrs. Butler she is planning to travel to Great Britain. Though she she doesn't have a cent for the journey from America, miraculously she arrives months later in London.

Once there, Kate and her friend Bess are invited to tea with Mrs. Butler. "When I read of your experiences rescuing girls in the lumber camps in Wisconsin," Mrs. Butler says, "I thought you might be able to help us in India. We need proof for Parliament that the military entices or buys girls for the brothels on the bases."

Kate glances at Bess. She sees a streak of fear in her eyes.

Mrs. Butler goes on, "I warn you, you would have to enter as secretly as possible. General Roberts, the commander-in-chief, would make sure you'd never enter another base again." She pats Kate's hand as if to soften her words. "I'm afraid this will be one of the hardest assignments you've undertaken..."

The Queen's Daughters  is based on the life of Katharine Bushnell (1855-1946), whose investigations and reports were filled with details and proof  that exposed sex slavery and sex trafficking in America, India, China and the Far East.

Wherever Kate travels she found time to study the Bible in Greek, Hebrew and even Latin (she knew five languages). She was convinced that the Bible teaches not only purity, but equality between men and women, and that the injustices she has seen everywhere  are not God's design. Her book, God's Word to Women, published in 1922, is still considered a classic on the biblical role of women.

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations or strong language. May also contain content of an inspirational nature.

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