Not Dead Yet: A Zombie Apocalypse Series - Books 1 - 2

Not Dead Yet: A Zombie Apocalypse Series - Books 1 - 2
: K. Bartholomew
: 521
: Fiction : SciFi
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Not Dead Yet: A Zombie Apocalypse Series - Books 1 - 2, by K. Bartholomew.

Ireland, 1858 - The Potato Famine is over, but not the fallout. With a million dead and another million of their best forced to leave the country, Ireland is woefully unprepared for what’s to come. When the famine victims rise as zombies intent only on devouring human flesh, they face little opposition from a depleted army and a drained and weary population.

When the cowardly, womanising eighteen year old Jack Strapper is expelled from Eton College, he’s tricked into joining the army and posted to an Irish cavalry regiment in the false belief Ireland is safe, he’ll have an easy life and that the ladies love a dashing Englishman in uniform.

When he arrives in Londonderry to join the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, an understrength cavalry unit lead by a mad colonel, the now Captain Jack Strapper is horrified to discover the nation is already amidst an ongoing apocalypse. Hardly the easy life he was promised, Strapper tries all he can to shirk and avoid his duty. Yet arriving as a volunteer foreigner, his new comrades mistakenly believe him to be brave and a hero in the making. This false belief is further backed up by an astonishing run of coincidences and good fortune which soon cements his reputation as a zombie killing warrior. Nothing could be further from the truth and there is one man with a personal vendetta, Captain Lynch, who refuses to fall for the tales of Captain Strapper’s heroics and bravery, and will stop at nothing to expose him for the coward he really is.

Not Dead Yet is the first Zombie Apocalypse series by zombie author K. Bartholomew, the first two parts of which you can now read in this bundle.

Not Dead Yet contains zombie gore and mild sex scenes from the start. Reader discretion is advised.

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