Siphoners (Soul Burn Book 1)

Siphoners (Soul Burn Book 1)
: Evan Bollinger
: 332
: Fiction : SciFi
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They’re called Siphoners

Four strangers cursed, blessed, tormented by a deadly secret. A darkness.
A horrifying truth now unleashed on the world...

But for Donovan, Seth, Avanti and Frederick, this is only the beginning. After years of silence in the shadows, the truth has emerged. Bodies are racking up, people are disappearing, and the authorities, strangely, seem totally detached...

The time has come. 

Four strangers, united by growing clues, and a growing sense of someone or something pulling the strings at every turn. A figure. A past. An evil of ancient proportions...

The source of their problems, the origin of their natures, is waiting. Along with a nefarious plan, for a future nobody could have fathomed…

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