Up, Up and Away!

Up, Up and Away!
: Vance Huxley
: Entrada Publishing
: 688
: Fiction : SciFi
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When an unconventional scientific discovery happens in a little garden shed in the U.K., the results are spectacular.

What if you could turn off gravity? Well, maybe divert it a bit, or absorb some?

That’s exactly what geek Stephen Corser figures out.

And now there’s just a few details that stand between his ragtag group of friends and space, the final frontier.

They have a big dream, the freedom of space for anyone who could make something airtight and strap on a Widget. No government control, no corporations selling space an inch at a time.

There’s only a few problems standing in their way like locating a private island, dodging the government, SEAL teams and Venezuelan gangsters.

Hold on to your shipping container, because Pigs are going to fly!

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