The Highlander's Hidden Heart

The Highlander's Hidden Heart
: Kathryn Le Veque
: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
: 107
: Fiction : Romance
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** Extended Edition **

As a child, Jackston Forbes made a promise to lovely - and pushy - Lizelle Menzies.

A man of his word, Jackston never forgot that promise. Through the years of experience and growth, Jackston has become a powerful warrior, now returning to his home in the highlands to assume his place as his father's heir. But along the way he meets a young woman who will test the strength of his vow to marry Lizelle, and when he discovers the brutal and petty woman Lizelle has become, it becomes a difficult choice for him - will he remain true to a childhood vow or will he follow his heart?

(Note: Originally published in The Forbidden Highlands collection 4/2017, this is an extended version never before published.)

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