Gunner Sleep

Gunner Sleep
: R.J. Renn
: 32
: Fiction : General
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Three years earlier, Gunner and Tess left the comfort of their hometown to start a new life. Just these two.
In complete isolation from others.

Blocked off from communicating with anyone else except for each other.

They encounter hardship immediately upon their arrival. There is no hope for returning home in their irreparable vehicle.

The two set out on foot on a trek to their "promised land", through rocky and hilly terrain, strong winds and limited water.
They in this journey together. Or are they?

Gunner has always been the annoying, joker type, with a hint of creepiness. Has he changed since starting this journey, or has this adventure done something to him that would change both him and Tess, in a deep mysterious way?

Tess finds herself in a seemingly never-ending journey, filled with confusion and desperation...

...with an ending that she just cannot believe.

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