Second Chances (Chance on Love Book 1)

Second Chances (Chance on Love Book 1)
: Leah Busboom
: 236
: Fiction : Romance
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Bump into your new boss on his first day? Check.

Realize you're attracted to him? Check.

The company that Samantha works for has been sold, so everyone is anxious about the new management and whether their jobs are in trouble. Literally running into her new boss on his first day doesn't get their professional relationship off to a smooth start. But, Samantha and Matt cannot ignore the strong attraction they both feel for each other.

Matt helps Samantha overcome her hesitation to try new things as she learns to try new sports, explore new vacation spots (camping anyone?) and enjoy new experiences. She uses her passion for home decorating to assist Matt with his house remodeling project. In the process of working on the house they fall in love. Will an unexpected medical crisis bring them closer together or draw them apart?

This story is about two ordinary people with an extraordinary love story to tell – and how true love can weather life’s ups and downs. If you like stories with humor that will touch your heart – this is the book for you! This heart-warming debut novel is a laugh out-loud story about unexpected love and the second chances in life.

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