Murder, Mayhem And Muffin (Edible Bookworm Café Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Murder, Mayhem And Muffin (Edible Bookworm Café Cozy Mystery Book 1)
: Cynthia Tart
: 342
: Fiction : Mystery
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The small town of Harmony’s Peak has just awakened to the shocking news that one of their own - a beloved and well known construction owner, has been murdered overnight. To add to the deadly mix, another town beloved, the proprietor of The Edible Bookworm Café, Marabelle Prentiss, has been named as the sole suspect.

Now the town has suddenly taken on a new theme of discord and conflict, as it’s soon discovered that a second murder of another town resident has taken place – within the same 24 hours.

With murder, intrigue and a whole lot of mystery, this is a first page thriller ‘who dunnit’ that is full of harrowing twists and turns for the reader to bask in. Who Killed Cole Evansby? Why would his close friend, Marabelle Prentiss want to kill him? These questions will have the reader wondering until the very end….which begs the question: What about that third murder?

Confusion, chaos and contempt – these are just a few of the feelings that the reader will find themselves carrying while soaking in all the murder, mayhem and mystery of this remarkable tale.

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