Sweet Murder Hex (Sweetland Witch) (A Cozy Mystery Book)

Sweet Murder Hex (Sweetland Witch) (A Cozy Mystery Book)
: Zoe Arden
: ReedFoster Press House
: 350
: Fiction : Mystery
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Heavenly Haven has a new murderer in town... this time, it's vampires vs witches. 
Page Count: around 330 pages

Ava Fortune isn't your average witch.
She works in a bakery.
She solves crimes.
And above all... she fights vampires. 
When someone in Sweetland is murdered, it looks as though a vampire is to blame.
But there are good vampires and bad vampires; how can anyone tell the difference? 
Detective Colt Hudson can't handle this case alone. Things are too personal this time.

His father was murdered by a vampire, and he's never gotten over it. 
When a face from the past suddenly resurfaces, Ava is forced to keep secrets from Colt.
Secrets she'd rather not know...

Ava must find time to solve this new murder before things get even worse.
She thinks Colt knows something about this new murder.

Something he's not telling. 
Ava is still mourning the loss of Melbourne Hammond, the one vampire she trusted.
But is he really gone?
And what does it mean if he's not?

By the time Ava figures out who she can trust, it may already be too late.
Cupcakes wait for no witch; neither does murder.

Page Count: around 330 pages

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