The Infinite Now: A Novel

The Infinite Now: A Novel
: Mindy Tarquini
: SparkPress
: 280
: Fiction : General
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"A well-woven tapestry of history, character, and charming mystery." -- Kirkus Reviews
Today Show Winter Book Selection
American Book Fest Best Book Awards: Fiction: LGBTQ - WINNER
Foreword Indies: Fiction: Fantasy - WINNER
American Book Fest Best Book Awards: Fiction: Fantasy - Finalist
Foreword Indies: Fiction: LGBT - Finalist

In flu-ravaged 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente, the freshly orphaned and forward-thinking daughter of the local fortune teller, has goals. She has ambitions. But when faced with a future she hasn't planned, she has second thoughts--and casts her community into a stagnant bubble of time.
Inside the bubble, life among Fiora's superstitious neighbors continues, but nothing progresses, swamped by a steady stream of unspent seconds. As the pressure builds Fiora realizes she must find the courage to collapse the bubble--or risk trapping her dreams in an unbearable, unyielding, and infinite Now.

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