Tales of Red (The New Fairy Tales)

Tales of Red (The New Fairy Tales)
: K.R. Thompson, Paul Dellinger, Josie Dorans, Kellie Honaker, James Agee Jr., Layne Aust
: 228
: Fiction : Romance
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For those who love Red Riding Hood and wolves, you won't want to miss this!

In this collection of six award-winning and bestselling authors you will find a mixture of fantasy, mystery, and science fiction tales sure to please anyone who loves fairytales with a bite!

About the stories:

Red Riding Hood, Private Investigator – Paul Dellinger

Readers of fairy tales enjoy peeking into landscapes unfamiliar and bizarre for fun and inspiration. Could the inhabitants of some of those landscapes be looking into ours? Red Riding Hood is on the case.

Where the W.O.L.F. Leads – Josie Dorans

Pix has lived her entire life on the ship. Her teachers say they should have reached the planet over a half century ago in Old Time and the extended space travel has taken a toll on the health of everyone on board. At this point, osteoporosis is a death sentence and ship resources cannot be expended for those who might require more than their share in the way of help or medical attention. Pix's grandfather, Malcom is facing the possibility of being forced out of an airlock if his check-up from the Welfare Organization for Fruitful Living (W.O.L.F.) does not go well and Pix is terrified of losing him. There also other problems on board. Problems that point to extra gravity affecting the ship's systems. When the truth comes out, it means the end of the life Pix has known. The only question is, will Pix and everyone she loves face an almost certain death sentence meant to mislead the masses or will they follow a W.O.L.F. into the unknown?

As Yellow as the Harvest Moon – Kellie Honaker

Redda knew she was different when she felt the pull of the moon. Her suspicions are confirmed when her grandmother reveals her heritage. Not only is Redda's grandfather a wolf-beast that has terrorized her people for generations, but her grandmother is a martial arts master sworn to defeat him. Will Redda succumb to her genetics and embrace her inner monster? Or will she take up her grandmother's sword and bring justice to her people?

The Red Curse – Layne Aust

In The Red Curse, Roslyn discovers that maybe the big, bad wolf isn't as bad as a vengeful witch. Years after leaving her old life in Cavea behind, Ros finds her past coming back-with a bite. Will the slayer be able to fight the demons of her past? Or will she forever be cursed?

Sharp Claws – James Agee Jr.

Everyone thinks that they know the story of Red Riding Hood, but what if events did not happen the way they have been told? This retelling shows there is always more to the story than meets the eye. Sometimes a complex tragedy can have a simple explanation.

The Hunter’s Wolf: Chronicles of a Blue Fairy – K.R. Thompson

Morgana the Blue Fairy is faced with her hardest task to date when she is given instructions to fix yet another fairy blunder. But this time will prove to be different to what she has tackled before—this time she’ll need the help of a princess and her pack to save the Huntsman.

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