Mastering Bitcoin: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency (Blockchain, Wallet, Business)

Mastering Bitcoin: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency (Blockchain, Wallet, Business)
: Tim Porter
: 48
: Non Fiction : General
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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the digital age. They are revolutionary digital currencies and transforming money as we know it. For many people understanding what Bitcoin is and how it works can be extremely confusing. People who have never used cryptocurrency before, simple term Bitcoin can be intimidating. This comprehensive, but concise book on Bitcoin eliminates the complexity and teaches the basics of Bitcoin in simple language. The guild will help you understand what Bitcoin is, how it works. If you previously found hard to understand what bitcoins are, this easy guide on Bitcoin will make it clear to you.
Today Bitcoin is known as the currency of the internet, no single person or authority can’t control it and no one can shut it down. In the past, trading in traditional currencies such as Pound, Dollar, and Yen was profitable. However, currently, crypto currency trading has become more lucrative than ever before. Particularly, Bitcoin trading is a favorite for many reputable companies. This book is dedicated to assisting people to learn, use and profit from Bitcoin. In 2017, Bitcoin price has raised 167% and experts predict the value of Bitcoin will rise even more in the coming years. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, then this is the right time. The guide is for those who are considering investing in Bitcoin. Take your time and learn as much as possible before you actually start to invest. The book will give you all the information you need to start investing in Bitcoin and start to make money.

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