Bride for a Time (Love for All Times Book 1)

Bride for a Time (Love for All Times Book 1)
: Audrey Adair
: 70
: Fiction : Romance
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A yearning to find home…
Jaime Abernathy's life has been turned upside-down -- she no longer has a boyfriend, a job, or a place to live, but is longing for something that she can't quite place. She decides to follow her heart to Scotland, the home of her ancestors. Her parents have passed, and she feels called to the place of her roots. Her first morning there, while out walking in the woods of her ancestral family home, she falls and awakens in the 16th Century, in the arms of Alec McDermont.

A craving to find peace…
Alec is soon to be Laird of the McDermonts. He is to be married to the wretched daughter of a warring clan leader in a pretence of creating peace, but he senses something treacherous. He'll do anything to keep the marriage from happening, and when he finds Jaime in the woods, he senses a way out.

A love to fight against all odds…
Jaime doesn't believe she's in the 16th century. Alec doesn't believe she's time traveled. But their feelings for each other pull them closer together as everything else is tearing them apart. Can they hold onto one another in the face of all that opposes them?

No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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