Book for kids: Diary Of A Minecraft Llama

Book for kids: Diary Of A Minecraft Llama
: Aurora Lee
: 69
: Kids : 9-12
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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Minecraft Llama?

You probably think you know a thing or two about llamas. I mean, there doesn't seem to be much to tell, right. We are cute and adorable who can be tamed just like horses. Our family is well-known for being loyal Sheep Guards. That is what we have been told anyways. Maybe the other llamas are happy in that life, but not me. ~ Rada

Experience the daily life of a very special Minecraft Llama

Can Rada the wimpy llama change his life for the better?

What kind of mischief will he get into?

This diary book is a great read or gift for a Minecraft lover of any age!

Join the adventures of Rada the llama and see the limitations of being a minecraft llama.

Witness how the llama and his friends cope with the dangers above the land and deep underground.

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