Love’s Battle Won (The Rileys of Misty Creek Series) (A Western Romance Story)

Love’s Battle Won (The Rileys of Misty Creek Series) (A Western Romance Story)
: Elliee Atkinson
: Green House Publishing Co.
: 143
: Fiction : Romance
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Page Count: Approx 140 pages.

Will Love To Be The Price To Pay?

An Angel’s smile…A Devil’s eyes…Are dreams made to be broken?

Cheated out of her own ranch and left alone with a son to raise, Serena Snowdon can’t seem to keep ahead of the trouble that haunts her. With her only chance at a normal life hanging on the return of her husband, Serena knows she will just have to hold on until he comes back. But when she finds employment as a cook in the Riley household, she discovers that some things are worse than being out in the cold - like a dark-haired cowboy with the temptation of the devil himself.

Known to be a man who loves hard and fights harder, Jasper Riley has a knack for knowing when danger is nipping at his heels. Yet he seems blind to the perils of the irresistible attraction he feels for their new cook, even as he is coerced into a marriage with a woman he has no feelings for.

But when all Serena has left is being threatened, she and Jasper realize that if they don’t make a stand, then the worst that can happen is far more than either of them is willing to risk.

With their backs against the wall and Serena determined to reclaim what is rightfully hers, Jasper has no choice but to set his sights on the one thing he knows best - protecting what is his.

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