Quintessence (Statera Saga Book 2)

Quintessence (Statera Saga Book 2)
: Amy Marie
: 392
: Fiction : SciFi
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In the battle between energy and emptiness, there's only one weapon – the elements.

The light and dark souls have been reunited. It is now up to Nora and Darcy to track down the elemental souls with help from their guardians. Finding the four souls that represent the four natural elements out of seven billion is an overwhelming mission. Only through translating the Statera and reminiscing of the ancient past will they unlock the mysteries to locating the Elementals, breaking the curse, restoring the balance, and filling the emptiness.

But their mission is interrupted by an unexpected guest – the Elemental guide, Lilly. Can this new addition to their team be trusted? Will they be able to complete these daunting tasks before the destructor strikes again?

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