DEEPER NATURE: The importance of Bonding. Human and Animals

DEEPER NATURE: The importance of Bonding. Human and Animals
: Kostas Dimitriadis
: 51
: Non Fiction : General
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Having worked as a vet for decades in pet veterinary clinics, animal shelters and wildlife care centers, I have been the viewer of the unpredictable as well as profoundly subversive encounters between humans and animals. Having been fortunate enough to work along volunteers of animal protection associations, I have heard many of the personal stories that lead them to volunteerism. I never stopped being impressed by how the human and animal encounters, which are unexpected a lot of the time, may lead to a spectacular interaction that in turn may cause unexpected changes to the way we see life. It is indeed surprising to see how our deep connection with animals affect our lives. Our common biological background and the absence of pretense in an animal’s behavior, gives us the chance to understand, feel and experience emotions we forget exist and discover lost pieces of ourselves. Perhaps, in general, our efforts to explain our experiences are not as valuable as the experience itself. And that experience, our interaction with animals, is so shocking that it is enough to give a new meaning to our lives on its own........

Whenever our life intersects with an animal, we are given the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. And as the years go by, it seems that these encounters happen more and more, and this interaction is starting to become more obvious. More and more people are interested in nature and animals, not because they want to get something out of them, but because they just exist. Because they exist with us and share with us the same home, the same planet. And this attitude towards life, opens the door to interaction, for a complete life, for a life that is not denying any part of itself. Perhaps this attitude towards life, the acceptance of the different, will help us match the poles within us, and live in a balanced way and as balanced people; we may create our new myths that will recognize animals as part of the whole where we also belong.

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