Entrepreneurial Espresso: 450+ business-boosting and productivity enhancing tools to take the hard work (& guesswork) out of running your enterprise

Entrepreneurial Espresso: 450+ business-boosting and productivity enhancing tools to take the hard work (& guesswork) out of running your enterprise
: K.N. Kukoyi
: Purposeful Publishing
: 423
: Non Fiction : Business
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★★★Now an international Amazon best-seller.★★★

What's the one commodity that all entrepreneurs are short of?

Despite this, entrepreneurs spend countless hours trawling the Internet for software and tools to solve their latest business challenges. Whether you're a new startup, or a more experienced entrepreneur, this book will return some of your precious time to you, make life easier, and direct you towards some great products that are quick, easy, and enjoyable to use!

Entrepreneurial Espresso is a compendium of business-boosting software products to help modern entrepreneurs save time, money and energy!
Whether you’re starting a new business, or are already established, this is a must-have small business reference guide for achieving more with less, with free and low-cost tools, resources and “tech” for mobile, Mac, PC, web, and browser extensions.
Inside, you’ll find resources to give you a helping hand across every major part of your business, including tools and software for:

•Improving your productivity
•Organising, and managing your business
•Accounts, invoicing and payment processing
•Marketing using video, and emails, and ideas for novel ways to promote your business
•Social media management for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter
•Keeping your data safe and secure, and protecting your systems from viruses and hacks
•Tools for customer care, and customer relationship management (CRM)
•Automating repetitive tasks
•Meeting and videoconferencing tools
•Managing your website, and analysing web traffic
•Task, and project management, and coordinating team activities, and more!

Work smarter, and more efficiently, supercharge your business efforts, and let technology take the strain – you’ll find over 450 sanity-saving tools and resources included!
Inside you’ll also find interviews with entrepreneurs who manage their ventures with limited resources. Find out how they make this work, and discover the tools that have been business "life savers" for them.

Why not get started today?
Download this book, take your first shot of Entrepreneurial Espresso, and give your business a boost!

About the Author
K.N. Kukoyi is a business and software delivery specialist who has spent more than a decade working on multi-million pound projects to build professional software and web based mobile apps used by businesses and consumers worldwide. She has also set up several ventures of her own from scratch.
She is the author of four books for startups and small businesses, including Develop Your Idea!, Don’t Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book, and Don’t Buy Software for Your Small Business Until You Read this Book.

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