Forecast: Foggy with a Chance of Goodbye: Book 3 of the Forecast Series

Forecast: Foggy with a Chance of Goodbye: Book 3 of the Forecast Series
: Dyanne Gordon Green
: 265
: Fiction : Romance
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It’s not the thought of selling his business that bothers Frank. At least, not anymore. Frank is scared and, for once, Maggie’s optimism isn’t contagious as they face the most serious challenge of their lives. He struggles to find his spiritual footing and isn’t sure if even God can stop the downward spiral.

Christina also struggles when she learns the news, while her husband, Harry, accepts the situation and isn’t afraid to say so. She tosses him disapproving glares as needed. No matter what, Harry can’t help loving his strong-willed, slightly irrational spouse.

Tina and her teenaged daughter, Holly, grow to love their life in the new apartment. Holly is happy at school and has made friends easily, oblivious to her mom’s new difficulties. Tina has committed what she thinks is an unforgivable sin and hasn’t a clue how to fix things. Maybe they can’t ever be fixed.

Loner Pete has some startling confessions of his own; one that brings joy to Frank and Maggie, but the other one sends everyone reeling.

Don’t miss a minute of this beloved contemporary series with a strong, Christian theme!

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