Tooth and Talon

Tooth and Talon
: Alex Hernandez
: EDGE-Lite
: 293
: Fiction : SciFi
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Humanity and creatures on an exoplanet are bound by tragedy.

Humanity tamed the solar system and their bodies using powerful nanomachines. Now, Oya Valette and a group of colonists are looking for a fresh start on an extrasolar planet. Soon they discover that their new home is already populated by hostile, extravagant creatures that share a tragic history, not only with the human race, but Oya herself. If Oya can’t set aside her own prejudices and reconcile these two warring factions, both will become extinct.

About the author:

Alex Hernandez is a Cuban-American science fiction writer based in South Florida, and the first of his family to be born in the U.S. His most influential experience with (written) science fiction was as a kid, when he checked out a collection of Isaac Asimov short stories from the public library and immediately connected with the author’s immigrant story. Perhaps because of that, the themes of migration, colonization and posthumanism permeate his work, which usually blend the subgenres of space opera and biopunk. His stories have previously been published by Bean Books, The Colored Lens, Interstellar Fiction and others.

"Tooth and Talon combines all of the ostentatious elements I loved about science fiction, interstellar colonization, cyborgs, genetic engineering, robots, dinosaurs but they’re used in the service of an immigration story. It’s ultimately a story about starting over in a new land full of opportunity and peril. It’s about the cost of assimilation and it’s deeply informed by my own family’s immigrant experience." - Alex Hernandez

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