Dreams of Molly

Dreams of Molly
: Lori Beasley Bradley
: 166
: Fiction : General
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Sherri Lambert, a published author has returned to her childhood home. Is it true that we can never go home again? Sherri has been haunted by dreams of a pretty blonde in a bright blue dress all her life. Now that she's returned to take up residence in her childhood home, the dreams have also returned, but with a frightening twist. When Sherri makes a discovery about the old house while moving in, she decides to renovate and take the structure back to what it was originally. She contacts Realistic Renovations and brings high school stud, Dylan Roberts back into her life. They graduated forty years ago, but some things never change. Sherri finds herself in the middle of discords she thought she'd escaped decades ago. Sherri finds herself haunted by her past and the past of a girl long dead.

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