Rubble and Ruin:Welcome to the End

Rubble and Ruin:Welcome to the End
: Jarrett Rush
: Six to One Books and Media
: 122
: Fiction : SciFi
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Dallas was supposed to be a fresh start. New job. New life. Instead, it was the end.

The explosions came first. It was night, and rocks and boulders rained from the sky. I grabbed what I could, tried to find safety. All around me, the city burned.

But, after it was all over, I was alive. Things were different. Depressing. Debilitating. None of us were under any illusions that we’d have what we had before, but, after a few days, there was a kernel of hope. Life didn’t feel normal, but it started to feel livable. Like we’d find our way out of this.

Then the wailers came.

Half dead? Undead? We didn’t know. We didn’t care. These were the mangled and mutated remains of friends and neighbors, bent now on eliminating the rest of us. We did what we could to avoid them. And when that was impossible, we fought. Because fighting for survival was all we had left.

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